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We are a farmer of kemenyan sumatra/styrax benzoin at Humbang Hasundutan, Sumatera, Indonesia. We guaranted 100% original. Best Quality and Ready to export


Best Rate! Until now we have reguler customer personal and Company. We sell original kemenyan/styrax benzoin from our plantation. Mostly, our kemenyan/styrax benzoin is grade 1, 2 and 3.

We guaranted 100% our kemenyan/styrax benzoin is ORIGINAL. Remember, Our kemenyan/Styrax Benzoin from Tapanuli and Humbang Hasundutan.

About Styrax Benzoin

Styrax Benzoin or Styrax Paralleloneurum is a species of tree native to Sumatra in Indonesia. Common names for the tree include Benjamin Gum tree, Loban (Arabic) Kemenyan (Indonesia and Malaysia), Onycha and Sumatra Benzoin tree. Learn more about Styrax in Wikipedia

Benzoin Gum is gelatinous when wet, and forms small, hard, water-soluble granules when dried, called crystals. For this reason it is used externally to fight tissue inflammation and disinfection of wounds.

Since 90 years ago we have had styrax plantations. Partially of our styrax plantations are a legacy of our grandfather and some of them planted by my father. Now, my father is 80 years old and we have been managing the plantation.

Insence gardening is not easy, need to work hard every day such as clean parasites, mosses and other wild plants. Since a long time ago, we never use styrax sap for a variety of treatments or daily needs.

Even though, according to scientists, styrax sap is useful for:

  1. Perfume
  2. Cough medicine
  3. Herbal medicine etc.

Styrax Benzoin Tree

The Styrax Benzoin tree is similar to a rubber tree, its height can reach 30 meters, this plant is perennials which is one of the most sturdy plant.

You can  find Insence trees in several countries in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia. The tree can thrive in mountainous areas and cold temperatures with high rainfall. Styrax tree can also grow in lowland areas with have hot temperatures but not produce good quality styrax sap.

Its take one year to process of tapping and harvesting frankincense. We cut the styrax benzoin tree trunk by little so that the white styrax sap will appear from the skin. After 4-6 months of the styrax sap hardens on the tree trunks then the incense sap can be harvested.

The Styrax Sumatrana sap that has been harvested is not clean. The skin of incense and other impurities must separate. Usually it is dry for 3-6 months. After incense sap already dry, the incense sap ready to be export.

The kemenyan tree founded arround 200o years ago. In Bible have found some articles about that. Some people give kemenyan when Yesus born at Betlehem. Indian have using kemenyan since thousand year ago. They  use it for their worship.

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